Wild Divine – Take Control of Your Life and Eliminate Stress

Isn’t it time for you to place your personal healing, vitality and peace of mind before anything else?
When every day life is demanding far too much from us, we sometimes have the capacity to adjust our circumstances, to rearrange our priorities. But that’s not always the case. What if you are unable to change the things that cause stress in your day to day life? Regardless if your challenges in life are temporary or chronic, you will need to find the ability to recharge.

Do you find yourself struggling with these issues in your life?

  • Feeling stressed
  • Moodiness
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Poor emotional control
  • Sleep problems
  • Changes in appetite/Putting on weight
  • A sense of helplessness
  • Feelings of dependence

This could be You

Wild divine biofeedback machinePicture this: Deep inside you, there is an oasis of calm. The doorway into this oasis is in your breath. Simply by connecting with your breath, you can liberate yourself from the bondage of stress, enter this peaceful oasis and experience a deep state of physical and emotional calmness.

There are lots of good ways to eliminate stress and anxious feelings from your life. It doesn’t matter how terrible or helpless you feel when stress hits you, you can learn to relax, to get your foot off the gas and let go. By using the right relaxation techniques, you will be able to adjust the way your body reacts to stress.

Continual Stress

Where does it go wrong? The truth is that our brains haven’t changed a lot since human beings first evolved into existence. The reptilian brain still resides within us, and greatly influences our nervous system, and the way our bodies react to perceived danger. When confronted with a crisis, adrenalin rushes through our blood stream, cortisol hormone levels increase, our heart rate rises, blood and oxygen surge through us, and our entire body gets the ability to surpass our normal reaction times and strength. We are now in “flight or fight” mode, and that rules us. This ability was of course perfect whenever you had a Saber-toothed tiger chasing you! And we occasionally still need this kind of boost to our bodies to be able to deal with a crisis.

But what happens if our everyday lives are packed with situations that induce our systems to be under this type of perceived threat state on a continual basis? In that case this becomes a unhealthy burden on our brains, bodies and nerves. We were definitely not designed for this to be constant. Back in those good old cave-man times, when you had survived running from the tiger, you did not return home to CNN and the twenty-four-hour news cycle and the many other modern day stresses we have. Time to recover and heal is essential. Overcome the stressful feelings that you are experiencing with the power of your own mind.

Learning how to breathe

Simply by learning how to breathe, you will reduce the overdrive that your brain and nervous system have created in your body. Merely the act of sitting still and taking a couple of slow deep breaths has the effect of disengaging the reactive part of our nervous system, and reactivating the more controlled and conscious part of our nervous system. It really is that effective.

Have you ever attempted to meditate? If you’ve sat down to attempt to meditate after reading a “how-to” book or listening to an audio, then you may have asked- is this actually working? Am I doing it correctly? In that case, Wild Divine is the answer. The program makes use of active biofeedback by way of the iom training hardware that allows you to see on your computer screen what you need to do to recover and take control of your life. No doubt you’ve been subjected to this type of continuous, slow-building stress for so long, that you don’t even know what it feels like to completely recover. With the help of the Wild Divine iom, that revelation is literally just a few minutes away. This really is instantaneous, ACTIVE biofeedback, not some “here, try this” system of self improvement.

Wild Divine is awesome!

Also, Wild Divine really is fun to use. This is not a “chore” or “yet another thing I must do today,” but a true blessing, which means you will welcome your Wild Divine time into your life. The more you learn to incorporate the experience, guided meditations and breathing exercises into your everyday life, the more you’ll see so many things change for the better. But one of the greatest benefits is that you quickly find out how to use this tool to help yourself, even when you are not actually meditating. Plus even better, after a while you develop your ability to recover much faster from stressful situations, and even turn out to be a lot more resilient and not so susceptible to some of the symptoms of stress.

Some other benefits include:

  • Decrease in feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased Happiness
  • Reducing of general feelings of fear
  •  Students have greater focus and ability to study with higher retention
  • Parents become significantly more patient and involved with children
  • Increased mental abilities, including memory and cognitive skills
  • Less agitated, more balanced feelings, often described as feelings of Peace of Mind
  • Ability to let go of emotional and mental blocks that need healing
  • Improvements in motivation and confidence

Imagine obtaining the underlying power of skills that would normally take years to master, like meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, even yoga. With the direct, instantaneous biofeedback that Wild Divine provides, you do not have to study a book, master a technique or exercise, and then wait to find out if it will ever work. With the Wild Divine biofeedback system, you will know within the first 15 minutes what works for you.

Whenever I feel stressed about life, my Wild Divine is an awesome getaway from it all in a very wholesome way. I always feel so much more relaxed after using Wild Divine than when I started. Even though the stress in my day to day life may still be there, I really feel that I’m much better equipped to deal with it after a “vacation” to Wild Divine. Also, it is such a wonderful and magical place to visit! I really feel as if it is my very own secret place where I can explore, and get connected to, the Universe. Plus, my kids who both suffer from ADHD love the Wild Divine experience because it slows them down and brings their attention inwards and pulls their confused thoughts and emotions together in a positive, enjoyable way.

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Emwave2 Review – The Ultimate Personal Biofeedback Machine?

If you’re hoping to find an effective biofeedback device to reduce your day to day stress levels and balance your emotions, the emWave2 Personal Stress Reliever by HeartMath may be just what you’re looking for.

Improve your mental and emotional wellbeing

emWave2 ReviewThe emWave2 is a handheld biofeedback machine that weighs just 2.2 ounces, and is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It uses HeartMath’s proprietary quick coherence technique to quickly and easily achieve a mental and physiological high performance state called “coherence”. This is the state when your whole being is “in sync” – when your brain, nervous system and heart are working together harmoniously and efficiently. Being in a state of coherence revitalizes you mentally and emotionally, and  your body quickly improves its immune and hormonal balance and starts to mend frayed nerves.

Versatile biofeedback for everyone

You don’t need to be a techie to operate an emWave because using this device is really easy. You simply hold it in your hand and place your thumb on the sensor button. The sensor then instantaneously detects your pulse and converts it into real-time displays on two colorful light panels. Alternatively,  you can also use the emWave by attaching an ear sensor, which frees your hands. What’s new about the emWave2 is that it combines the portability of the original handheld emWave with a rich graphical interface on your computer. This enables you to use it on the go, at work or at home. Just plug the emWave2 USB cable into your computer and you can review and download previous sessions,  play one of the interactive coherence-building games, or run a new session with the real-time heart rhythm display.

Based on solid research

HeartMath’s technologies are based on 20 years of scientific research on the relationship between stress, emotions and health. The company has earned global recognition  as a pioneer in the science of cardiac coherence  and is world-renowned for its innovative research. HeartMath’s solutions for relieving stress and improving performance are helping hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries and their research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The verdict

The emWave2 and its computer interface include techniques to help you increase your coherence levels and sharpen your ability to relieve stress on-demand. Combined with its portability and ease of use this makes it a great tool to prepare for daily stress triggers like deadlines, meetings, family interactions, important phone calls and travel. This biofeedback machine is versatile, durable and affordable, and built on solid scientific foundations. Using the emWave2 is an effective and fun way to de-stress and reset your inner balance between tasks. Highly recommended!

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Emwave2 and Desktop

Tinké – Turn Your Smartphone into a Biofeedback Machine!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a biofeedback machine that was accurate and still so small that it would fit in your shirt pocket?

Well, look no further – the revolutionary Tinké by Zensorium is small, accurate and super easy to use!

Breakthrough Biofeedback Technology

Tinke biofeedback machine reviewTinké  truly is an amazing little machine. On the surface, the sleek design is somewhat reminiscent of an iPod – and for a good reason; this biofeedback machine plugs straight into your iPhone,  iPad or other iOS device and uses its power supply and screen to display the measured data. This means that, as long as your phone or tablet is charged, you’ll never have to worry about charging or replacing the Tinke’s batteries. It also means that the Tinké is incredibly small and light and easily slips into your shirt- or trouser pocket.

Don’t let  Tinké’s small size fool you into thinking that its capabilities are limited though! This is a state-of-the-art biofeedback device that accurately measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and heart rate variability and is therefore capable of monitoring your fitness and stress levels. The proprietary Zensorium software displays the collected data in 2 indexes; the Vita index for your fitness score and the Zen index for your stress level.

Easy to use, portable biofeedback

Plug your Tinké into any iOS device, watch the sensor lights come on, and you’re ready to go! It really is that easy. All you have to do next, is place your finger on the two sensors and the little biofeedback machine starts to take its measurements of the 4 parameters and 2 indexes within seconds.

If you are competitive in nature, the Tinké  Network enables you to share your measurements with your friends and family and exchange comments on each others results. There is even a global comparison feature, where you can see how you fare amongst the best and the fittest in the world. If you prefer to keep your data private you can use the Tinké privacy settings to keep everything confidential.

The verdict:

I’m excited about Tinké  because of its portability, innovative design and accuracy and impressed by its ease of use and apps.
If you’re interested in a biofeedback machine that is unobtrusive to your lifestyle and so small and easy to use that you can monitor your fitness and wellness as often as you like, I recommend you check out  Tinké for yourself.

At the time of writing  Tinké retails for $119 and comes with worldwide free shipping.
Not bad, I would say!

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Wild Divine – The biofeedback machine that merges science and spirit

Biofeedback machines monitor your internal physiological states and give feedback that helps you learn how to control and improve these states. In the medical and psychological use of biofeedback this is usually achieved with the help of a coach, who guides you through the process, makes suggestions and interprets the results. What’s unique about Wild Divine programs like Relaxing Rhythms,  Secrets of Meditation and the brand new Zen Journey is that the coach is incorporated in the software and that the game itself gives you information about your progress. And, if things are not going as well as you’d like, you can ask for guidance from a mentor within the game on how to change your energy!

WildDivine works with some of the wold leaders in mind/body training, spirituality and wellness like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Dean Ornish. Other experts include Tibetan monk Nawang Khechog, Zen master Nissim Amon, Sharon Salzberg, Stephen Cope and Joan Borysenko.

Using the Wild Divine biofeedback machine

IOM biofeedback technologyWild Divine’s Iom Active Feedback component measures both Heart rate variability (HRV) and Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and enables you to use your thoughts, levels of muscle tension, relaxation, emotions, and meditative states to control what happens on your computer screen.

To succeed in Wild Divine, the game teaches you certain principles which require an  attitude of “allowing things to be”. It’s like a kind of passive willing. What the program teaches you is not to say “I must do this,” but that the only way you’re going to progress is by  being in touch with more positive emotions, deepening your breathing, or imagining that the thing that you want to happen is already happening at this moment – and this brings the wished-for event into reality.

When you reach a certain level in the game and you have learned how to control your internal states somewhat, a sudden internal shift like an “aha” experience can happen. Suddenly, you just know how to do things without really knowing how you do them. The game then actually begins to happen in your mind. For instance, you might just automatically let your inhaling and exhaling become equal and deepen it a little bit, or you might get the same result by connecting with your positive emotions. If you play regularly, it results in a training effect which improves the body’s capacity to healthfully regulate itself.

Wild Divine’s games give players a greater awareness of their emotional, mental and spiritual states. Once you acquire enough awareness of how to make the shift from one state to another, you begin to do this voluntarily. You have then reached the point where you have integrated what Wild Divine calls your B.E.S.T. team: Body, Emotions, Spirit and Thought.


The Wild Divine biofeedback machine and software are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to reduce stress and anxiety, play a game that is beneficial to their health and wellbeing, and get in touch with their deeper self. Both hard- and software are high-quality, there is a wide range of games available, and Wild Divine’s customer service is extremely responsive and helpful.

We at biofeedback-machine.com especially love Wild Divine for the wonderful coaches that make it the only biofeedback system on today’s market that truly merges machine and spirit.

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